Nile Cold Store

•CAPITAL AGRO is one of Egypt’s most renowned companies in the field of Import and Export of grains and food stuffs as it is also a registered joint stock company in the Egyptian stock market which strengthens its role in the Egyptian economy and its development.

•CAPITAL AGRO offers its most recent unique and distinguished service in the Egyptian Market:

•NILE COLD STORE, a gigantic refrigerated storing service for vegetables, fruits, other frozen products, and ice.

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Our Location:

NILE COLD STORE is located in Toukh, Agricultural Road on facility of 8 Acres where it stands to be an icon of high technology as it uses the latest models of tools and machines which is operated by experienced and skilled team fulfilling the highest standards and quality control set by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Size Specifications:

•Refrigerated Area: 5800 square meters

•Compartment Height: 12 meters

•Storage Capacity : 15,000 pallet; 1,200 kg/pallet